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Skunk Facts:

Skunks are typically located outdoors around food sources or habitats. Skunks usually rummage garbage cans, eat bird eggs, damage bee hives, follow insects that they eat, and dig holes within your gardens, lawns, and yard-space for worms, bugs, insects, grass, weeds, flowers, and grubs. Skunks are odiferous creatures that live under shelter, such as: porches, decks, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, porch stairs, and other dwellings. Skunks spray when frightened or taunted and cause objectionable odors.

Baby Skunk

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Striped Skunks are nocturnal(awake in the evening). They are approximately 2 feet long and weigh 6-10lbs. They are slow and confident that they can defend themselves. Skunks discharge a musk from their anal gland. They are capale of firing several shots, and can spray 10-15 feet with accuracy. Prior to spraying, they usually warn their prey by stomping their feet.

Skunks are omnivorous, meaning they eat animal food and plants. In the winter, skunks prefer mice as their food, and in the summer, they prefer insects. They breed in February/March with a 7-10 week gestation, and usually have 1 litter per year.

Control (Prevention/Removal Procedure):

In most situations when controlling skunks, exclusion techniques are implemented. For example: if skunks are present under a porch, deck, or shed, Embo Pest Control will dig down under the surface to install wire mesh to prevent animals from re-entering the area. Where animals are gaining entry under the mentioned areas above, we install a one-way door which allows animals to exit and not gain entry back in. Once we are sure that animals have left, we come back and remove the one-way door and finish sealing the entry point.

Steel Mesh Exclusion Method

On occasion where exclusion techniques are not possible, a live trap may be set and the animal trapped and re-located.

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