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Carpenter Bee Facts:

Carpenter bees look almost identical to bumble bees. To determine a carpenter bee instead of a bumble bee, they hover like a humming bird infront of you. Carpenter bees drill holes in wood surfaces approximately a half-inch in diameter for the purpose of laying eggs in the holes they created. Carpenter bees lay up to 7 eggs in each hole created. Most of the time there is a distinct yellow stain on the wall below each hole, indicating where the carpenter bees have been drilling.

Carpenter Bee

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Embo Pest Control Procedure

  1. Apply residual dust to all visible carpenter bee holes.
  2. Seal all holes with caulking, for the purpose of allowing us to see if re-infestation is occuring.(If there is still a problem, carpenter bees will drill new holes, we seal old holes because we can determine if it is a new hole or an old one.)
  3. Spray all areas of infestation to kill off the reproducing adult bees.

If problem persists, such as new holes appearing or visible carpenter bees, contact Embo Pest Control for a follow-up visit.

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