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Embo Pest Control Procedure and Facts

Each bat removal begins with a complete inspection of the building or home by one of our technicians. This will determine where the bats are entering. Once we have determined what needs to be done outside, a complete attic inspection is done to determine the size of the colony and the amount of guano in the attic.


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When performing a bat removal procedure, we need to be aware of what the bats are doing at that time of year. In winter for example, a complete removal is biologically impossible because the bats are hibernating.

We can install bat one-doors at the time, but the doors must remain in place until at least mid-May when the bats are active. In summer we have a brief window that lasts until mid-June when the bats have their pups.

Throughout the month of June and most of July we cannot install on-way doors because this will kill the bat pups that aren't ready to leave the maternal colony. Bats do develop quickly and by the end of July, the majority of pups are foraging for insects outside.

The months of August and September are peak months for bat activity - it is the simplest time to do removals. As the nights begin to cool towards mid-October, the bats will begin to hibernate. Again, we can install one-way doors at this point but they must remain on until the following spring.

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