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Spider Facts:

There are only 2 species of spiders that are dangerous to humans, the brown recluse spider and the black widow. In our servicing area(the greater Hamilton area), we do not have any spiders that are severely dangerous to our health. Spiders do not bite unless they are pressed against the skin or held.


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Spiders are the largest group of arachnids. There are more than 35,000 named species worldwide, including about 3,000 just in North America. Spiders live almost anywhere, on the ground, under rocks, inside and underneath playground equipment, among grasses, on plants, in tree branches, in underground caves, and even on water. Spiders frequently stray into other indoor habitats. Spiders lay their eggs in silken egg sacs that are placed in the web, attached to leaves or twigs, or carried around by the spider until the eggs hatch.


Inside: Spray all baseboards around rafters and windows in the basement.

Outside: Apply around the foundation, around all windows and door-frames, all fascia and soffit areas, and any other areas spiders may be living in.

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