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Embo Pest Control's Procedure

  1. Identify cockroaches.

Name: Cockroach: Check rates page for pricing information and warranty.

For German Cockroaches and Brown-banded Cockroaches:

  1. Apply gel cockroach-bait in all kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers, baseboards, door and window frames, where cracks are present where cockroaches may hide.

For Oriental Cockroaches:

  1. Apply cockroach bait to all kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers, and then apply a residual spray throughout the rest of the premises.
  2. Apply residual dust where pipes enter walls and to fridge and freezer generator areas.
  3. After residual spraying, your household must be vacant for a 4 hour time period, pets included.

If problem persists after 3 weeks, contact Embo Pest Control for re-application for treatment procedure to guarantee the elimination of your cockroach infestation.

Facts about Cockroaches:

To the ordinary person, cockroaches all look alike. However, there are actually five species of cockroaches found just in Ontario. German, Oriental, Brownbanded, American, and Common Wood.

Mainly in our areas of work, German cockroaches are widely dispursed whereas oriental cockroaches seem to be localized to the Downtown Hamilton region. Although Brownbanded are widely dispursed, they are not a significant problem in the areas we work in.

The main attractions for a cockroach are food, water and shelter. To them, almost anything is food, any food, paper, cloth, plants and even glue used for binding books.

They can be found in every part of the home, but most prefer some kind of damp environment. Since most cockroaches are active at night, many people may be completely unaware of their presence in their home.

Cockroaches are a public health concern because they have been known to carry Salmonella acteria - the organisms responsible for food poisoning.

German Cockroach

The german cockroach is the most common cockroach in our work areas.

The german cockroach is probably the most widespread species of cockroaches in the world, having spread largely through the shipping of foods and other goods.

It is a small insect, 10-15mm in length and is yellowish-brown in colour, with two distinctive dark parallel bands running the length of the pronotum(portion behind the head).

Eggs are laid in egg cases with about 38eggs per case. The female drops each case close to food, just before the eggs hatch. She can produce up to seven of these cases in a lifetime. Under ideal conditions, incubation takes about 17days and an adult can develop in six weeks.

The nymph(immature cockrock), moults or sheds its skin five to seven times before it reaches maturity. The life span of an adult is 125 to 150 days. In an average home, there can be two or three generations per year.

German Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

This type of cockroach is mainly found in the Downtown Hamilton region.

This species of cockroach is less wary and more sluggish than the others. It is very dark brown, almost black in colour and about 25 mm long. The tegmina of the male cover about three-quarters of the abdomen and are darker than the abdomen. On the female, the tegmina are only partially developed and they appear almost wingless. Neither male nor female can fly.

There are 16 eggs in an egg case and the female may deposit an average of 8-14 cases in her lifetime. They are dropped indiscriminately after formation. The eggs hatch in 60 days and the nymphs undergo seven moults before reaching maturity. They can live for up to two years.

This cockroach prefers dark, damp crevices in such places as basements, utility and service tunnels and sewers pipes. It can climb the outside of water pipes to reach teh upper floors in buildings. Since the oriental cockroach prefers to live in colonies, great numbers may occur around water leaks in the basement, behind toilets, baths or laundry tubs. Outdoors, when the climate is tolerable, this cockroach may be found in back lanes, under verandahs or among piles of garbage.

Oriental Cockroach

Brownbanded Cockroach

This type of cockroach is rarely found in our regions of work.

The brown-banded cockroach is similar in size to the german cockroach. The adult male is 13-14 mm long, while the female is 10 to 12 mm. The wings of the male completely cover the abdomen, whereas on the female the tip of the abdomen is exposed

It is a brownish-buff colour with the face and teh tip of the abdomen being chestnut brown to black. The lateral edges of teh pronotum are transparent, the remainder is dark. The nymph and adult stages have two brown bands across teh tegmina(wings). These bands, which are more noticeable on the numph, are the main distinguishing features between the german and brown-banded cockroach.

The egg case holds about 16eggs. It is small, reddish-brown in colour and purse-shapred. The female glues it to a hidden surface. The eggs take about 40days to hatch and the insects moult six to eight times before reaching maturity. The adult may live for up to 4months and there may be two generations per year.

Brownbanded Cockroach

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