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Raccoon Facts:

The raccoon is a highly intelligent carnivore, it is related to bears and the giant panda. Generally it is active only at night, and may become a nuisance in suburban areas when it raids garbage cans. It has a few natural enemies except for the bobcat, fox, and coyote.


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The raccoon is omnivorous, feeding upon fish, frogs, small mammals, birds and their eggs, molluscs, crustaceans, fruits, nuts, small grains and corn in storage and in fields. Raccoons are often found near a marsh, stream, lake, or pond, and prefer trees or brush as cover. They do not dig dens of their own, preferring hollow logs, hollows in trees, and other natural shelters.

A raccoon is a huskily built animal, the average raccoon weighs 1.5-7.25 kg (Rougly 10-16 pounds). They also have a single litter per year, in the spring, varies from two to eight(average four). The gestation period is 63 days. Raccoons can gain access into chimneys, attics, basements, or crawl space beneath houses, and sometimes take up residence in barns, stables, and various buildings. They also can be found in densely settled areas where humans live.


Where the raccoons are gaining access to the household, we install a one-way door to that area. The one-way door has an entrance that exits its habitat and closes and locks so the raccoon cannot escape back into its household to hide until the trap is gone. That is why this method is effective. After the raccoon has been removed, we remove the one-way door and seal the entry point.

In situations dealing with large buildings or warehouses, where using exclusion techniques are not possible, trapping is a viable alternative.

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