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Squirrel Facts:

Squirrels are a family of rodents that nest in trees. Nests are usually in holes in the tree or a leaf nest is constructed in branches 8meters or more aove ground. Nesting will also occur in attics if conditions are suitable.


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In Ontario there are five different species; Eastern Gray squirrels, Eastern Fox, Red, Northern, Flying and Southern Flying squirrels. Around the greater Hamilton area, the most common squirrel is the Eastern Gray squirrel. The other types of squirrels are typically not around this area. The Eastern Gray is the most common found in urban areas. As the name suggest its fur is mostly gray except for a white belly, and in the greater Hamilton area, also black coloured.

Squirrels, especially the Eastern Gray squirrel often become unwelcome occupants in human dwellings. They are capable of damaging electrical wires and may cause short circuits by chewing on wiring insulation. This species of squirrel mates in Jan/Feb and again in July giving birth to two ltiters per year in early April and August.

Squirrels are apart of the rodents that can chew wires to cause wire-shortages or even cause fires. A fire that the fire department can't attribute to careless smoking or etc, are attributed to a wire-shortage due to rodents chewing on the wires.

Control(Prevention/Removal Procedure):

Where the squirrels are gaining access to the household, we install a one-way door to that area. The one-way door has an entrance that exits its habitat and closes and locks so the squirrel cannot escape back into its household to hide until the trap is gone. That is why this method is effective. After squirrel has been removed, we remove the one-way door and seal the entry point.

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