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Pest Control Treatment & Spraying for Insects

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Wildlife Control for Birds, Mammals and Rodents

Bats House Mice and Rats Pigeons Raccoons Skunks Squirrels

Embo Pest Control is a pest control company that is locally owned and operated since 1989. Embo Pest Control noticed a need for a fast, reliable, and experienced pest control service. Embo Pest Control is fully launched, open, and ready for your business!

To schedule an appointment, please contact Embo Pest Control by telephone and provide us with the information.

Service at a Glance

Our business services Residential, Commercial, and Industrial customers. Our service includes the finding, quarantining, and removal of pests (All insects, rodents, and animals). Our company is operated by a strong, professional, and courteous staff that will provide a reasonable price for a professional grade guaranteed service! We are always looking for new innovative ways to expand and make your experience the perfect one!

Affordable Pest Removal

Our Pest Control Service keeps operating expenses to a minimum in order to achieve satisfactory results at a reasonable rate! All Residential services for rodents and insects come with a 6-month or 1-year warranty, and Residential service for animals come with a 2-year warranty!

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